Would you still be interested in dating a girl that doesn't have a lot of common interests with you?

This guy I just started hanging out with is quite different from me. Although he's an athletic guy, likes the outdoors, biking, sailing, rowing, etc... but he doesn't really watch or follow sports, which is something I like doing, basketball and football. He likes rock musics/bands and I like R&B and Hip-hop, maybe some rock music. He's a gamer, which is something I have no clue about. He asked me if I draw, sings, or play musical instrument, which I don't (I have tried but not successful). We both love food, and he likes to cook but I don't know how to cook and I love finding new places to eat.

Ex: On one of our date, we went to the aquarium and he knows so much about fish and literally could sit there for hours watching them, but after spending like 2 hours there, I was getting bored...

SOOO I guess moral of the question is if YOU were that guy, would you still be interested in dating a girl that doesn't have a lot of common interests with you? Is it a turn off?


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  • sounds to me like t do have a lot in common, you both like being outdoors, opposite music type doesn't really matter. Every guy is a gamer, its the nerdy hobby that every guy does. There are going to be differences. but if I was getting bored on dates than yeah its a bit of a turn off. I mean I took time out of my schedule to have fun with you and if I am ot having fun, then its a bit of a waste of time. However, understandably I have been dragged around the mall, which is boring, but I still liked the girl so I guess it depends

    For me the biggest turn off with opposites is if the other person refuses to try new things. I like trying new sports or food and exploring places. If your someone who is up for trying anything, then you just became the sexiest thing in the world. If I can say "hey you wanna try rock climbing, or waterskiing or hiking or bungee jumping" and you are like "when and where?" MASSIVE turn on. I basically means that while we might not have the same interest, you are willingly to at least try. If I take you rock climbing and you hate it. well at least you tried. Me? I up for anyhting, I've taken ballroom dancing and yoga with girlfriends before, no exactly my style but I went and tried them.


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