If I dated a girl amd everyone said I was being nice for dating her then she dumps me. what does that say about me?

While I actually like her and her looks friends and family said I was a good person for dating. At first I was mad they said that but kinda felt it was true which made me feel guilty. Then she dumped me a few weeks later which I was sad about because I really liked her. But what does that sat about me. I had issues with self esteem before and this made it a lot worse. I liked someone and actually got some affection back only to find they never really like me as much if at all. How do I feel better about myself now?


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  • As sure as you're born you will date someone else in the future and look back on this thinking yeah I felt bad at the time but it actually wasn't a big deal, fuck it.

    • true every time I was in a difficult situation at first I'm like how am I gonna do this. but eventually I get over the hill and I'm on to the next mountain. also if you play video games what are exp points? points that you get for doing a task so in theory there's nothing but to do it a lot and stay true to yourself

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  • Why did she break it off?

    • She said she didn't see the relationship going anywhere. I wanted to actually date exclusively but she did t want that.

    • Hmm, that's usually the opposite of what I've dealt with. The best way to address your insecurity is to face it head on and go out and meat other girls. You may be rejected again but that hapens to everyone and you can't take it personally. Just keep getting back out there.

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