I have 3 options. Please help me pick?

Im 23 and live at home unfortunately, its just my mom and older sister who are both clinically depressed.

- I can move out and live in my hometown but i dont feel like moving out in my hometown, its just depresses me, its not multicultural but my family resides her.- but it will be a temporary choice for like 3 months, the only thing is i have to keep asking people can you help me move and rive me over there and i dont want to be a burden.

- Or i can move to another city, big city, very busy and live their for a while on my own, but i have family their or friends and i will be alone, i dont have my degree yet, or my drivers license yet.

- Or i can stay at home for another 3 months untill i start school in a different school and an internship and then move out.

Only thing i can't stay at home any more longer without feeling depressed.

Its a tough choice.


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  • I would say if you can wait the 3 months then wait, it'll also give you the opportunity to save money too. IF you're not in a rush, then after I would move to a different city 100%!!!

    • but i am, my home situation is pretty bad

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  • Don't you have family, friends or a boyfriend/girlfriend where you can get to? It sounds like your home is poisoning, but on the other side it's inconvenient that you don't have a degree or a driver's license. Can you move to the place your new school will be and take the bus/go with your bike?

    • my bro and sis won't take me in, they said i should take care of myself

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    • Why are they pressuring you when they don't want to take you in?
      Luckily there are more people living there. Make new friends and otherwise, go to the next town and join a sports club there. You can take the bus or a bike you know. I bike almost 1,5 hour a day to get to my friends.

    • they even stopped talking to me and keep shutting me out of family activities. My younger sister doesn't want to help me but insist of me to move out and get off my lazy ass, while i worked more jobs then her and im well capable of taking care of myself, my future is just unsure at the moment.. im at that age

  • Option 3 sounds good to me.

    • but i mean i have no friends or family over there

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