Relationship advice please?

For as long as I can remeber I've liked the same guy, he is amazing, and we get on so well...

1. He wants to get back with his ex and I still have feelings for him
2. I want to scream in his face that I am in love with him, but he is going through a bad time and would nor expect it at all
3. He messages me for advice on how to get back with his ex so he is literlly blinded



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What Guys Said 1

  • Just tell him if that's what you want and think is best , then provide him with the advice that he asked for. But in the back of his mind he will question why you said if that's what you want and may even ask you why you said that. If he does just plainly tell him you have or had an interest in him and see where things go. He will either be interested in you or he won't be , either way you will know


What Girls Said 1

  • It seems he really likes his ex, I'm sorry. :( But, if they don't get together, and he heals and forgets about her in time, make a move. :)


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