Should I believe it?

This guy broke up with his girlfriend and then he texted his friend which is my best friends boyfriend and he said to tell me that they broke up. We hooked up on Friday but we left the party together and we're gonna go to one of their friends house but it was too late so we all went home. We also talked so it wasn't just kissing the whole time. My friends do her boyfriend asked what he wanted and he said that he's interested but he just got out of a ratio ship but I'm just scared to get attached and he ends up with some other girl


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  • Just let him know that you are interested in him and you think it's a good idea if he takes some time to get over his last relationship. He will see that you aren't being pushy or clingy

    • He knows and my friend and her boyfriend told him. I just don't like the idea that he's going around hooking up with other girls when I've wanted him for so long. And I don't want him to see me just as a hookup

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    • Of course but also he also told me that night that he would've gone to homecoming with me and he told my best friends boyfriend that I could've gone to the party with him yesterday. Should I not hookup with him anymore?

    • Until he gets out of what ever phase he is going through it may be best if you don't hang with him

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  • I don't think he lied about it. It's normal that he doesn't feel ready to start something new. Maybe he's only interested in hooking up now without having to get serious with another girl.


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