Dating a guy and no kiss yet?

So I met this guy on okcupid and he had discussed how he is looking for something long-term, as am I, and we've been out a few times already. We immediately hit it off and started talking. I'm 22 and he's 27 (I don't know if that's an issue) and we are both introverted. After the first 2 times we've been out I was weary but felt more comfortable around him as time went on and the next 2 times hungout at my place and played video games and watched TV. He didn't try to make a move or really try for anything.

We have only known each other for about 2-3 weeks so it might be too soon but recently I've been wondering when the kiss is going to happen. I did get him to hug me today but I don't know his plan anymore. I might bring it up next time we're out though to get a clear picture.

When does the kiss normally happen? Could he simply be shy?


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  • You're both introverts, and that's the reason things are going slow. Hold on to your hat, that kiss is coming soon! :)


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  • Maybe he wants to take things slow, or he's scared that you may reject his advances.


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  • While it's not always the case most introverts do tend to be shy, if you're up for it and don't feel like waiting just kiss him. Once he's used to it, he should initiate again.


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