7 dates in 5 weeks- where is this going?

So I've now been on seven dates with this guy I've been seeing for five weeks. The first couple of weeks he was super good about texting and setting up things and this past week texting has definitely been less on his end. One night that he was texting he was like I want to see you so I got a little assertive and told him to set a day-Saturday after he does some studying for a test coming up. Saturday rolls around and he is working (works at a restaurant on weekends) and it was 5pm and he hadn't texted me any specifics so I was like so what time does studying end? He was very responsive and then we met had drinks etc.

here's my question- I feel like at this point this "relationship" has really pushed along to the point where I like him (also we have slept together since the second date). I can't really tell where he wants this to go like does he think this is more than a hookup I'm not sure. I'm scared to ask because it is early but I don't want to get hurt. Thoughts?


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  • Look, you should talk to him about it directly. It's better to get hurt in the beginning of this rather than later on. Trust me on that and ask him what he expects from you. Do it sooner than later.


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