Should I let him forget my birthday?

I mean I've already told him several times of the course of 5 months. If he can't remember then he obviously just isn't that concerned about my feelings.


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  • I have trouble remembering birthdays. I'm not sure why. I think it's because I don't care much about my own birthday for whatever reason. I forget the birthdays of people I care about pretty often.

    By saying this, I don't mean to cheapen your feelings. You obviously care about this a lot. I'm just saying that you shouldn't read into this too much. It's probably simple forgetfulness.

    • He does inconsiderate shit to me all the time. Last night he was supposed to stay at my place. He was supposed to be back no later than 10 because that is when his thing was ending. But he didn't text me until almost midnight to say he was going home. I guess it is more about my birthday. I just want to feel cared for for once.

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    • Yeah that makes sense but I'm not telling him anything he doesn't know. He knows it hurt my feelings that he wouldn't want to spend time with me and to make it worse I'm on my period so it makes me feel like since sex wasn't an option he went home. I mean telling him it hurt my feelings doesn't accomplish much and I can't force him to want to spend time with me.

      I think ultimately going tI have to break up with him because I want to be with someone who equally as wants to be with me. I feel like he just wants a girlfriend and only when it is convenient to him.

    • If that's the case, yeah. Just be certain he does know it; sometimes people can be pretty stupid. But don't let him step on you.

      HopI hope it works out.

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  • I forget my best friend's birthday sometimes.

    But it doesn't mean I don't care about them.

    Facebook always reminds me. So remind him a few days before.


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  • Knowing someone's birthday has nothing to do with how you feel about them. I wouldn't hold it against him.

  • I would be mad too if my be forgot but don't remind him if he forgets ok then he can spend time making it up to you


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