He won't speak to me?

he just won't talk to me, he has a low opinion of me for no reason at all, he refuses to delete my number or block me. he resents me for no reason, i asked to see him =, he said no , i dont want to see you, he reads all my messages but doesn't reply., i feel like he wants me to feel bad. im a very beautiful girl and he said so too, he said he would be there for me as a friend even tho he thought we werent compatible, he doesn't even KNOW me, so how would he know if we were? im hurt, if he doesn't want me, why keep my number? i was depressed when i met him and he said too bad i met you at that time, if i would have met at another time i would have liked you.


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  • move on, why are you getting upset over one guy.
    You need to understand getting hurt comes with package with relationship, but you have to ask yourself are your strong enough and confident enough to handle getting hurt.

    Life is not a success only journey, you are going to get beat up along the way. Don't ever let what happened between you and some guy, stop you from living your life to the full. Don't give your power away to someone that hurt you, because suffering is optional.

    Lets get one thing straight, you are texting him, and he is not replying to you. That means, he is ignoring you, and doesn't want to communicate. He is not texting you at all. He has got your number, because you keep texting him.

    Now if he keeps texting you out the blue, when you are trying to get on with your life. Well I suggest you move on, and block him, and do not reply to him anymore. Stop letting him manipulating into his games.

    Move on and stop wasting your time with people like him, there plenty other guys that are better than him. Have some self confidence that you deserve to be treated better, and not like horse shit. Or get some confidence that you know how you should be treated, and know what you are worth.

    You have to let people know, they just can't dump you and take you back when they feel like it, it doesn't work like that. Let them know you are moving on with your life without them. They had their chance, they fucked up, their problem.

    • yeah but what if i really liked him, he thinks i dumped him when i never was in a relationship with him

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    • he is not being honest about his feelings, he is angry at me for something and he won't say what!

    • sorry can't help you anymore. If he doesn't want to talk you, then your case is hopeless. take care good luck.

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  • He doesn't like you in a romantic way, or maybe even at all in general, and some people just don't delete numbers in case something happens in the future. I think it's best to not dwell on him and move on.


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