Guys what do you think of a girl who puts out on the first night?

Pretty much what I said, longer description below if you wanna read it.

For example, you go out with him and his friends, first time meeting each other, his parents are friends with some of your family friends so he is showing you around the town. Anyways that night you end up going home with him and then spend the next half day in bed together. Then the next night he invites you back out and you end up going home with him again. Then he takes you too his favorite coffee shop... we live in diffrent cities so nothing will probably come of it. Still he said he might come visit me sometime and mentioned multiple times that I should come back to visit. Also th next night when we were out with his friends he would hold my hand or put his arm around me, kiss me on the cheek, or just kiss me.
He probably just had a fun time and is a nice guy. I just feel like most guys dont really want to hold your hand or have any pda if you've just slept together.

ALSO how much do guys like to cuddle, maybe its just the guys I get with but I feel like if its just sex they aren't big cuddlers after. I realize I am totally over thinking a situation of something that will never happen... just wondering!
I mean I realize a relationship isn't realistic, he sort of lives in Budapest and I head back to the states in January I was just curious because I felt personally he was being extremely sweet for it being just a potential one night stand.
Also I've never had like a one night stand or something like this why I had sex with them so quickly after I meet them so I'm going to be honest I don't totally know how this works... normally if I hook up with a guy, that I'm not in a relationship with, its like a friends with benefits type thing so I just don't know. Thanks for all the input though!


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  • Well whether they have sex the first time we go out is neither here nor there. A lot of my girlfriends did, some didn't. I always assume a girl wants a relationship unless she says otherwise upfront so I don't take a girl to bed unless I want to give that a try with her too. I've turned down a lot of women because I just couldn't see a relationship working out even though it would have been fun just to have sex. Most guys will take it if it's on offer though.


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  • I would say it depends on the guy.


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  • Generally guys aren't turned off that you slept with HIM on the first date, he's turned off by what he thinks it implies.

    Guys often assume "oh she slept with me on the first date, that must mean she's slept with lots of other guys on the first date too".

    Basically guys dont care if you're easy for him, they care if you were easy for other guys.

    For example:

    Scenario A: the girl is a virgin but sleeps with him on the first date.

    Scenario B: girl makes him wait 3 months for sex but had sex with 4 other guys before him on the first date.

    If the guy knew their sexual histories , Id bet most guys would prefer to be in scenario A and most likely wouldn't be turned off or see her as easy. But thats only if a guy could know a girls history for certain. Since we can't guys make assumptions.

    So they thinl easy for me=easy for eeryone else and hard to get for me=hard to get for everything else.

    I think its funny though, because a girl could make a guy wait 3 months for sex and he could think she's hard to get, but she could have easily had a string of one nighters before she met him.

    Actually I've heard its somewhat common for girls to sleep with hot guys who they dont see as relationship material on the first date, but them make the relationship material guys "work for it".

  • Seems like he had a good time and wants to enjoy you

  • I'd bang her again, obviously.

  • It's a deal breaker as far as a potential relationship. A girl who puts out the first night is likely the same girl who will put out to other guys when she's drunk or upset. It's a friends with benefits situation at best under those circumstances.


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