Is he testing me? He makes all the suggestions... I say yes, and then nothing?

What it says on the tin. He initally asked me out. Made a big deal about it. Said he thought I'd never say yes. I did and we went out once. He asked for a second date, again, I said yes. We made a loose arrangemenent but it didn't happen. Rearranged, and it didn't happen again. He has had a lot going on and some of the excuses may have been genuine, but it's happened too many times. I brought it up and he didn't seem to know what I was talking about. He keeps suggesting that I'm not interested? He might not text back for ages, Im fine with it. If I don;t then immediately respond he thinks I'm pissed off. Again he has asked me to phone a few times, I agree, then nothing (he falls asleep or something). I just don't understand. He does all the asking, I say yes and then... nothing. Not the signs of someone that wants to date. Then he says he likes me more than I like him? I was interested but I'm starting to get fed up with this. I'm a relaxed type of person but I don't muck about. Normally I'd have just moved on by now because he's not showing he's interested. What he's saying and how he's behaving doesn't mach up. I don't want to be too harsh becuase he keeps telling me how much he likes me, so I'm wondering if he's testing me and wants me to chase a bit. I'm open to seeing him but I want to know where I stand and I don't play games. I don't chase people and don;t expect anyone to chase me. If we're both interested we jsut go out. Simple... so WTF? Any suggestions?


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  • He's playing with your emotions


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