Watch a movie at my place as code to have sex?

Hi all,

I just don't know what most guys these dasy are thinking... but maybe I am just to naive...
I met a guy whom I am not interested into romantically, but enjoy spending time as friends..
He invited me to his place to watch a movie... once there, I noticed that we would watch it in his room and in his bed? There was also a living room, which would have been more appropriate...
Well I almost panicked, cause I was supposed to stay over (as I didn't live close), but I obviously didn't plan to stay over and sleep in his bed!! Nothing happened really, but when the movie finished, I told him that I was going to sleep somewhere else... He didn't try to do anything during the movie, but I just didn't feel confortable to sleep with an almost stranger in the same bed... we haven't spoken after that incident that much.

Did I overreact or hurt him? I just don't think it's appropriate, but I might be too old fashioned... I am sure he would not have tried anything (maybe just hugs idk).


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  • chances are good that he was not sure if you wanted sex. When it comes to sex, women seem to think men are far more confident than we really are. You view it as he was pursuing you, but the much more likely fact is that, somewhere at the back of his mind, he was merely holding out for the slightest shred of hope that you were into him in 'that way.' He was by no means expecting anything - just hoping. You could have slept in his bed, clothes off, and he wouldn't have tried anything unless you made the first move. You could have said "this movie is boring. let's watch porn." got naked, masturbated right next to him, and he still would do nothing unless you made the first move. Because men are extremely insecure about their sexual prowess.

    • hahahha the porn thing is hilarious.. maybe I should try that once, but with a guy I am into ;)

    • well there was light touching... he "accidentally" touched me from time to time

    • yeah, it sounds like he was just trying to make his availability known to you. But he definitely sounds like someone you could confine to your 'friend zone' and not be bothered about, if you wanted..

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  • Netflix and Chill is a saying for a reason.

    Still if he didn't try to stop you then he seems like a nice guy. You are probably over thinking how you are both acting now. Just talk to him like a friend and it will be fine.


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  • Thst or not to spend so much money or he just really jsut what's to chill out

  • Netflix & Chill. Of course sex is in mind lol.


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