Should I just end it right here or keep going after her?

There's this girl that rides my bus and she lives behind me we see each other at breakfast but don't talk cause we're with our friends. But yeah I asked her to hangout this weekend she said yes but then the day it came to hangout she didn't Respond so I went to a party and then she told me she was sorry and that she was out with her family and I asked u free 2moro she said maybe I said okay I'll just text u 2moro it's 2moro and I never texted her or anything cause my friends said she's hinting to leave her alone but I don't think so cause we have some nice convos. What do I do and I think girls should comment cause they would get where she's coming from.


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  • She could have just been busy with her parents like she said. Ask her to a football game or something.


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