I need help with the girl I like! Can I get some input?

So I really need people's input on this because it's eating me up inside. There is this girl I work with who I also like. I've been talking to her for over 2 months and have just liked her more since. So over a month ago I overheard a co worker teasing her about a guy she is dating but not in a relationship with (because she doesn't know what she wants as far as a relationship she's said so before) and that obviously discouraged me a lot. Later that day I asked her what she was up to this weekend and she's said so and so and I said not with your boyfriend? And she said oh you heard that (I was literary 3 feet away hard not to) and she said that she wasn't in a relationship with him and so on and I told her that I was going to ask her for her number to get to know her more but I felt like I shouldn't. So that was were that conversation ended. We still talked after that and 3 weeks ago I would see her saying hey to everyone in such a happy voice but when I would ask her how she is doing she would be like oh I'm great in a sarcastic manner. I told myself that if she ever responded like that again I would just say ok and walk away. So I see her another day and said hello and she sounded happy and joked with me. Later she would tease me about things I liked and that it made me nerdy (she was joking of course) and she would tease me with a smile on her face. She kept doing it from time to time since then. But this week I would talk to her and she would tell me how she was going to have a nervous breakdown because of school and work and she would talk to me differently compared to everyone else. She would sound so happy when talking with everyone else but when she would talk to me she would act how she felt currently. I told her to be optimistic and happy, to not let the situation get to her. She vents with me while everyone else gets a Hello! Or happy talk. I will sometimes catch her staring at me or glancing. I really need some input on this whole thing!
so she will also tell me that I humor myself a lot and I asked her if it was a bad thing and she said no I like it with a smile on her face. Like I said she will stare at me or give me small glances when I'm around. sometimes when we walk past each other she will give me a smile that doesn't show her teeth & will give me a small glance and quickly look down while still smiling. Like I said she will act like everything is fine to everyone else but she will tell me how she feels atm about her life


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  • Have it out with her. put your cards on the table and sort it out.. as your co-workers you will need to be able to get on professionally or it may cause harm to you both work wise. Just tell her to be straight with you and if you dont get the answers you want.. just let her be.. most important of all is give her space.. if she genuinely likes you she will come to you.. if not.. dont take it to heart, just let her live her life

    • So I should ask her why she is different with me? Why she shows how she currently feels at the moment while she says hello! And acts like everything is fine? It's like she is being or showing how she feels about her life at the moment and she will tell me why (venting per say) I want to tell her that I ask and stuff because I care about her. I will mention that I was going to go to a midnight release of a video game and she teased me "what is it? Star Wars? Tell me what game is it" while smiling (this was after she was done telling me that she was about to have a nervous breakdown and such) she would tease about it and kept doing so the rest of the night. I realize I will have to tell her upfront how I feel about her and sometimes I wish I could just there and then. That I care about her and that I don't like seeing her that way you know

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    • some girls say the same about us.. some say we are like open books.. we are all different... its all about what you make of it.. does her smile seem genuine or sarcy... is she feeling embarassed about being off with you at times.. or is it a case of being embarassed full stop... these things only you should know and find out

    • Her smile seems genuine to me. It's like she is glad to see me but to shy to say hi while I'm the one saying hey. I know one day I'm gonna have to spill it and tell her how I feel about her. How it concerns me that she will vent to me about her life but all I can do is listen and maybe make her laugh every now and then. I have heard that next time I should tell her that I care about her that's why I ask her how she is and listen to her tell me about her situation.

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