When your boyfriend ignores your message, when he is the hospital but making time for other things, Why is he doing this?

Does he need space as he mentioned, and what does he mean by him needing space?


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  • Often times when someone needs space, they mean they need time to themselves. Kind of like... they want time where they don't need to talk or think about anyone. This doesn't mean he's upset or angry or doesn't love you, he just needs that time. Everyone gets that way sometimes, some more often than others.

    • So time away from me.. Bc he is chatting with other people but me. He is on social media as well. doesn't it seem odd.. Space only from my girlfriend... ?

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  • I would safely Assume without making an Ass out of myself, that he really is in The... Hospital.
    And if so, and he is 'Making time for other things,' then it is Telling me he is treating This time away as a Retreat where he can take his own time and have his Own... Space.
    Maybe you cannot get to this hospital to pay him a visit and if it is true, just send him a Text every day to let him know you are thinking of him in your own special way.
    I find this strange with what he has arranged so when he gets back on his feet, sit down and have a serious soul mate convo of where you Both... Stand.
    Good luck. xx

    • He is Putting you on his pay no mind list for a reason and hopefully it is the truth of the bedside manner, although rude and crude, that he claims to be at. xx

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    • Hey, my bud, how is it going? I just got back on and happy to see you are still hanging in there and care about our Star bedtime patient. lol He is experiementing with the girl deal, knowing he ias able right now to get away with it. He could be bored and maybe his "Sickness" is causing his hormones to go crazy. However, make sure when he is out to sit him down and approach this patient of asking about "Are you still into this relationship because if you are, I will not put up with other girls you Like and dislike." I am sure you will handle your belly like you are handling your boy, and Both or one may go flat but I know no matter what, you are the gal for this job. lol
      Hope you are healing and with healing, Dealing with both.. I love that you kept this sense of humor though. Take it easy tonite, I am here and in the other box in my office. lolxxoo

    • sent u a message :)

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  • If he does need space then the least you could do is give him space, they come around when you respect their wishes and don't push them away further.

    • True amd i hv bn... But i message him now n then to let him know im there for him... But he makes time for social media but me... Why would he want space

  • You know him best. Did you upset him?


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