I met up with this girl a few times and we really seemed to get on well. Now I want to ask her out, and for her to feel like it's a date. Any advice?

I've known this girl for quite a while now, and been in contact with her most days. She lives about an hour away (which is no issue as far as I'm concerned). We've met up a few times and it seemed to go really well, but I don't feel she considered it a date as it was quite casual, and I don't quite think it was either. I want to meet up again, but this time with more of a date feel, I want her to feel like it's a date. Several times I've made my interest quite clear, but she's a really friendly outgoing girl so it's almost impossible to tell if she's showing interest too, or just being herself!

My only issue is my lack of confidence when it comes to this area, I'm shy anyway, but once I get to know people I can be myself. I feel I can be myself with her now, but my stupid shyness still destroys my confidence when it comes to actually asking a girl out straight. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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  • ask her out for a dinner


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