My best friend/ wrestling partner has a ugly girlfriend but he kissed me.. Not sure what is going on in his head?

Im a female and me and my guy wrestling partner kissed and we were friends with benefits, we went on dates I met his parents everyone thought we were dating.. he got a girlfriend later and ended things with me but recently he has been hugging me and we went out cause we are good friends and he kissed me... He told me it was a mistake and he's not that type of person and I was upset but next thing you know I got sick and he said he would take care of me and he asked me to go out with him to the movies.. During the movies he kisses me again and he whisperd "our secret".. His girlfriend is not pretty at all people were surprised he ended things with me.. He's not the flirt type he's a gentleman he's not the player
Type either but I don't know what's going on I need a guys point of view.. I always catch him smiling at me and stuff but I don't know if he likes me and why would he be with that girl if she's anoyying and not pretty even though I think he might have feelings for me.. What do you think does he like me or what is going on?


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  • His girlfriend may not be pretty to you, but she has something you don't. I'm not saying that in a rude way at all- but it's obvious. If he wanted to be with you then he would, but for some reason he's not. He's wanting to have his cake and eat it too. I think he likes to remember your fling and finds you attractive etc however... it's just that he wants both and you're letting him :/ I would straight up ask him what he wants

    • That is so true.. Yea thank you (: you are right.. It's just I have so much feelings for him and I think I'm being stupid

    • No problem, sometimes when we like someone we try to think of all the other possibilities than the obvious x

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