Why is she acting this way?

This girl I know and have been close with for 9 months has been acting weird. So we are friends and for 9 months were having sex and hanging out. She told me she didn't want a relationship and now all of a sudden she tells me she doesn't wanna do the friends with benefits thing because she likes me and I said ok and we just stopped the sex but remained friends. At least I thought. She texted me wanting to talk so we talked. She told me she just wanted to be friends and I said OK I respect that. Then she started to cry and everything because she didn't know what to do. I told her to think on it and I would give her time. We also agreed not to text until she thought things out. Unfortunately our school is small and we always run into each other. I always say hi and try to make small talk & all of a sudden she starts acting like she doesn't know me. She walks into a room and knows I'm there but won't even look my way. And when she does talk to me she's being a smart ass about everything like I'm annoying her. Basically I'm asking why tf is she acting this way? Her friends tell me that she really likes me and always talks about me but when we are face to face she all of a sudden doesn't know me. I'm confused


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  • she's doing that thing... whats it called? Oh yeah, being a woman.


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