How does one talk to a girl without seeming too interested?

There is this girl I am interested in but in the past I have gone up to girls and talked to them and seemed really interested, only to find out they have a boyfriend. So I resorted to stalking them on facebook before talking to them, but this girl that I am currently interested in has all of her info private on facebook so I can't stalk her. I dont know her that well but I would like to get to know her, I just dont want to seem really interested only to find out she is already taken. I just dont know what to do or how to approach her. Any suggestions? "Just talk to her" is too vague, I need a little more help then that because I have social skills problems.


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  • Does she know of you? If not, introduce yourself once you are in a common setting or place. Like if you both are in line at a resturant, you can spark up a converation and ask her what's good on the menu. Listen mostly and don't say much unless needed because the more you talk. The more noticable your interest towards her get revealed. Respond with common answers and don't babble. Be friendly and smile but not the whole time cause that can come off as creepy. Pretend as if she's a new kid and you want to be friends with the person. Don't come off to strong. Listening is a key point to making her more open. Let her talk about herself and pay attention! If all goes well then talk to her the next time you see her and do the same as the first time but gradually gloat about yourself and find common ground until the point where she comfortably goes to you to intiate the conversation. Finally, ask for her number and good luck!


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