Is this guy going to ask me out or what happened?

So I've been working with this guy for a few months now. We've been able to talk really nice, pick on each other and just feel comfortable around each other. Everyone says we're hilarious and they know there's a chemistry there. He's a shy guy until he feels comfortable.. There's just a vibe between us.

He would make comments saying he likes things I do, and one time when we were signing out of work he said let's go together because were going out together. He looks at me with this really nice face.

there's another guy I work with who was hitting on me but I wasn't interested and now he hates me, and my guy I hit it off with is trying to fit in with the other guy cause he's super popular and isn't very nice to me around him.

Anyways, over text I said to him when a boss was telling me about how he's been fucking up and is going to write him up.. I told him "I like you and want you to be promoted, don't do sumptuous shit with that other guy.." He never responded to that text (we've texted before).

The next day at work it felt so weird, he wasn't talking to me at all, I could see him looking at me and staring at me but then as soon as I looked at him he would look away. It felt awkward. Did I do something wrong?
At work he always tells me to not eat junk and to take care of myself and be careful. He talks to me about everything - even things he doesn't tell his guy friends.

He helps me a lot too, shakes his head when I spill something and helps me clean it up.
His other friend always says were cute together and our managers too


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  • Preventing workplace drama by not initiating a relationship with coworkers. Additionally he could actually just be a considerate person and you are misinterpreting his actions.


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  • Let's see if I understood, the guy you're interested in wants to fit in with the guy you were not interested?


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