I feel like crying myself to sleep thinking i'm wasting my time with him, should I move on even though I like him?

We were talking about why we were single, and he responded with this...
Him: Disrespectful !! Come one , you can say mean things and I would still not think that you're disrespectful

But you never answered me lol u just said why can't I be single hahah

Ill be completely honest with u, I was in a long relationship last year that ended because I don't have a lot to time to give her. Since then I concentrated on my work and finishing my masters , I barely go out and try to meet new people, and I can be really picky

Me: Makes sense Have you tried patching things up, and maybe seeing if it works?

Him: With her? No, that wasn't the only reason we broke up. She wasn't ambitious and I didn't want to be with her. But we'll talk about it more when we meet ---- SMOOTH you see what I did.

Me: "smooth you see what I did" ... FAIL! LOL

Him:LLLMMMMMAAAAAOOOOO I know I always sucked on picking up girls.

The conversation went on longer, we talked about our academic plans and how he wanted to transition, He kept telling me I was pretty, weird habit we both have etc. I haven't responded to his final message because it feels like i'm the NICE FRIEND he can talk to, and I want to be more than just a friend. He's always questioning me on why I'm so nice to him, and I tell him that's just the way I am and he tells me he finds it "cute". Should I just move on?


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  • You already asked this, and I already told you he hasn't moved on.


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