Should I tell my bestfriend I like him?

I've been best friends with this guys at my church since we were basically born but i really really like him now. He tells me about all the girls he has liked (not a lot btw) and I have told him about the guys I have liked around July he liked a girl stopped liking her liked another girl but never really did anything about it for different reasons but a couple weeks ago he said he didn't like either of them anymore and he doesn't really know who he likes right now. He acts sort of different around me compared to what he used to act like. My friends think that he likes me but I honestly think he's to good for me and he shouldn't like me even if I'm like In love with him I'm also scared because it really hurt when he said he did t think we were meant for each other in July when I told him I liked him. Please help I have no idea what I should do but I can't stop thinking about him or doing something about it but not hurting our friendship how do I do that.


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  • Sometimes confessing the affections you have can change a friendship. You shouldn't feel like he is too good for you because anyone would be lucky to have you.
    You could tell him that you like him and you never know maybe something good will come out of It.

    • Thanks that helps i just have a lot of insecuritys about stuff I've done so my friends are like u guys like eachother u would make sush a cute couple but I'm like he should like better girls that's kinda why I'm nervous to talk to him again. I'm going to try though

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