Guys, Do I tell him I can't stop thinking about him?

I'm really into this guy and we talk a little bit every day. But I want to tell him that I like him. I'm seeing him this weekend, so should I text him or wait to see how things play out this weekend?


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  • I would love it for a girl to tell me she likes me. Especially if i have the same feelings for her. On that note, some will say your giving him the upper hand, which could be good and bad. Depending on the guy if he's into you then it could give him more confidence, but if he's not into you in the same way, it could be awkward this weekend. There are so many different ways this could play out, you just have to trust your gut. If you have been talking in person, what body language cues has he been giving you?
    Since your already planning on hanging out, i would wait. If its going well, then definitely tell him. See how he reacts, and go from there.

    • The last time we hung out he kissed me bye and we basically hooked up earlier that night. So I take it he likes me. He also told one of our mutual friends that he was into me.

    • Well there you have it. You two have what most on here and in the world want... A mutual likeness and attractiveness for each other.
      At this point telling him you like him now or later can't hurt really. You both like each other and have good chemistry. The only thing i recommend is finding some way to point out to him if he has not already, that this is a date. Not just two people hanging out. Preferably during or after. Doing it before in text could make him nervous. After you two have had fun, a nice text saying " i enjoyed our date" will go a long way. Letting him know that it was clearly a date for you will calm his nerves. I've asked girls to hang out and because of the wording "hang out", im never really sure if this is a date or two friends hanging out.

  • Or you could do what most girls do.. just wait for him to magically read your mind and miss out on great opportunities :)

    YESSssss, tell him!

    • How do I word it though?

    • "Hi xxxxxx, I can't stop thinking about you"

    • Be simple and straight forward, you can lead the conversation into it.. like ask him if he has feelings for you before you announce your undying love to him, for example

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