Why do all boys do the same?

First they seem to be interested but they don't make a step (ask for a date etc) so that there is no chance that it could lead to a relationship. Then after a while, they suddenly stop texting me. Why don't they make any steps and then finally stop contacting you?


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  • You could take the time to make the first step (ask for a date etc) if you're interested in them too you know? If you're not willing to do it, they might not be willing to do it too.. Not everyone has the confidence to ask a girl out because of the fear of rejection, and sometimes when guy's stop contacting you, it's just like girls when they want them to initiate conversation first to show that they are interested.

    Other reason's may be because conversation is boring, or maybe you left a text that they can't reply to? Like "Okay". Or maybe they just aren't interested in you. There are so many possible reasons but you have to find out for yourself. Try asking one of them. Be like "Hey, why did you stop talking to me? :(".

    I hope your dating life goes well :) and I wish you luck!

    • i know what you mean but in my opinion the guy has to be the one to ask you out or so.. and i think that he will be annoyed if he doesn't text anymore but then receives another text from me you know? but you are right there could be many reasons. thank you:))

    • Lol... No, the guy doesn't have to be the one that ask's the girl out.
      What makes you think that? Pride?
      Because you have just as much power as the guy to ask them out.. Where's the gender equality that woman always complain about lol..

      If he's not texting back there is no shame texting again.. seriously just lower your pride a little, he might have not seen the text or forgotten about it.

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  • The guys you've experienced all seem to exhibit this trend but not all guys will. When they "seem to be interested," it's possible that you are misreading their intentions. If it is just a friendship they were after and this friendship became based entirely on texting, they could have easily just moved on. It's no one's fault; it's just what happens.


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  • I don't know either... The mindset change that happens from before we bust a nut to about 10 seconds after we do is crazy! We go from "loving you" to just "mehh"... I don't know its kinda fucked up haha... sorry... I guess? :)

    • But what makes you change your mind, is it because the girl did something wrong?

    • No... its literally because we just orgasmed and nothing can get better than that when it comes to girls... so now that we have "done the deed" we can move onto other girls...

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