Should I give up on my girlfriend?

So my girlfriend is pretty overweight. Which is no big deal except for her health. She had expressed to me that one of her goals was to lose enough weight to look good in lingerie. So I've been trying to motivate her. Of course she is extremely sensitive about it and I can tell every time I talk to her about it she gets really discouraged. I talked to her about maybe trying different eating habits, she hates vegetables 😐🔫 kill me now lol I talked to her about exercise she has asthma should've killed me earlier. I personally like eating healthy, but she hates most of the stuff I cook. I can tell she feels insecure when we are around women who she perceives as being prettier than her. She wants to move in with me and when we talked about it I told her that I expected to take care of herself both physically and mentally because there is no time I'm attracted to her more than when she feels good about herself. I just want her to feel confident enough to reach those goals, to not have the joint pain that she already has that is associated with carrying excess weight. I want her to make other girls jealous when she's in a swim suit you know, she's a really really beautiful woman, I just want her to see the strength and beauty of which I know she is capable. Help! I'm about to give up


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  • Can't you workout with her! She could even join a easy fitness group or a 5k group... that way she doesn't feel so alone. Its hard for her she want it but she feel she has to give up so much... Just support her.

    • She lives 3 1/2 hours away for school, and she's shy lol

    • well you got make her join a club. She has to get some support and maybe talk to a dietitian will make her feel better.

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  • She hate's veggies.. Doesn't mean she can't eat them.. Not everyone like's veggies but they are willing to make the sacrifice because they want to look good and be healthy..

    You do know that some olympian's have asthma right? lol no excuses
    There are many things she can do to lose weight.. Pretty much any exercise that makes her sweat.. She can do those cardio exercises on mats.. or any other thing.

    She's just weak as.. You gotta really talk to her properly and tell her she needs to toughen up and make the sacrifices to reach her goals or spend the rest of her life in the shadow's looking up and wishing she was like the other women. Success doesn't come without hard work and dedication.


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  • she hates veggies, haha that emoji was spot on

    how bad is that asthma? A friend of mine has it, but he loves sport, he swims, goes by bike, loves jogging...

    • I'm not 100% sure, I know her smoking doesn't help things at all , sometimes it doesn't seem that bad, she faked one when were fighting one time , and sometimes it does seem bad, my little sister has asthma and she plays hockey lol

    • Do you smoke?
      Because you seem to value healthiness

      ALso what about fruit? shakes and such?

    • Pffff faking one... that is just... low.

  • no pain no gain!! try to encourage her to reach her goals!


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  • First off do not let her move in until she knuckles down and attains those goals. If you let her move in before that she will never meet them. She will fold under and stop trying. Continue to encourage her to shed the extra weight and praise her for her efforts

  • Vegetables are overrated really, in order to lose weight. Probably be easier for her to lose weight if focus on just eating fat food. Like pretty much all kinds of meat, fish, butter, bacon, eggs etc. Stuff like that. The more overweight you are the faster you lose weight with that one, which can be quite a lot really. You can even just sit on ur ass and lose weight with this diet. No joke.


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