Guys, What is a CRAZY girlfriend?

What are some turn offs for a guy while getting to know a girl?


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  • 1. When girls talk about past relationships
    2. Talking about themselves too much
    3. Ignorance
    4. The way they talk
    Those are just things I personally don't like.. Everyone has their own way I guess.

  • -If sex means nothing to her and I think she's slutty.
    -If she reads into things wrong and gets mad for a reason that doesn't even exist then won't tell you why and you've got no chance of making it better because the problem is a figment of her imagination.
    -If she's nasty and has poor standards of hygiene.
    -If she has loads of guy friends who all want to bang her and she claims it's not like that but loves the attention from lots of dudes.
    -Similar to the above point, if she has no female friends and hangs out with a load of dudes instead.
    -If she's emotionally volatile.
    -If she's irresponsible.
    -There's more but I can't be bothered.

    All signs of a girl who's nutz and not worth bothering with.


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