I'm confused about a guys intentions?

So there's this guy I've known for a little bit. He asked me on a date about a year ago, and that date was just ok. we didn't kiss or anything and we didn't really talk much after. I also happen to go to college an hour away from my home town were this guy lives, so during fall and spring most of the time I'm at college. So if I wanted to hangout with him it had to be during the weekend. Well recently we started talking again and he asked me on a date. This past weekend I came home to visit and went on the date. We both had a lot more fun on this date, he even said he had fun, and when we were saying goodbye, he hugged me and kissed me on the lips several times. He didn't say anything like let's do this again next week or anything, he just said so I guess ill see you when I see you. This was a Friday night, I was still home Saturday so I'd figure I'd ask if he would want to hangout again before I had to go back to college. He said he would, but he had to be out of town that night and so he couldn't. On Sunday I didn't ask about hanging out or anything because I was leaving that day but I still sent him a few snapchats, nothing directly talking to him, they were just ones I sent to most of my snapchat friends. He didn't reply to them, which I know maybe means he was busy or just didn't think there was anything to say back. But it also worries a small part of me that maybe he doesn't want to hangout again. I really like this guy and I would like to date him again. I haven't heard anything from him today and I was planning on staying mute for a little bit ( not sending him any messages or snapchats) to see if he sends me anything. I don't want to be the one always starting the conversation but I still want to be talking to him over the week and hopefully he'll ask me to hangout again. What do you think his intentions are? Does it sound like he really like me and is interested in dating or do you think maybe he just wanted a one time date?


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  • Well if he already kissed you and stuff maybe he does like you. He is just scared or something i mean that other date was a year ago. I don't know what type of a guy he is but if he is that type that plays football and acts real cool wouldn't bet on it that he loves you. If he is more the calm guy then yeah. If you know that he is shy or something maye he really is just scared. Ask him about some things maybe i don't really know at this point.

    P. S. sorry for my grammar not my native language


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