Do you think this date went well? What can it do to fix it?

So I met this guy and he was so nice in the beginning, we got along great had common interests and everything and it seemed to be going well, he kissed me and said I was a unicorn (haha). Then it came time to have sex and I didn't want to because I only ever slept with 2 people in my life and I didn't think it would be right on the first date to go that far. He is about 5 years older than me and after this started saying things like that make sense and you should make the guy work for it in that case and that I was right not to sleep with him I got the feeling like he was blowing me off because of how much experience I had, he said not to read into it too much and that was all he was going to say. I'm just like? I thought he wanted someone who was more mature and wasn't into partying. I really like him and feel like we can help each other but at the end of the date while I was getting in my car he didn't even kiss me and seemed a little disinterested. Should I be concerned? Is there any way to fix this? I really like him.


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  • "Should I be concerned? Is there any way to fix this? I really like him. "

    I'm really glad you stuck to your values and just remember, if you guys are a match things will just roll along.

    Try not to dwell, recount or feel that you've "messed" up some how. I know many of us do this especially when we like someone who doesn't seem to have the same interest in us.

    "He is about 5 years older than me"
    Just a little cup of insight from me:

    Personally, sometimes i've dated someone too young for me. I'm 29 and i've dated 21 and the whole time i thought "this would be so perfect if i were 21-24 range" but the whole time there was an experience gap between us. Now if she was a party type girl, maybe i'll stick around to try to get some however.. she was a "good" girl with values.
    - I notced that she was very into me however my intuition says that this will end up no good. So i backed off.. without much explanation as even thought the date went well... just wasn't going to work.

    live and learn!

    • But what i dont understand is why would he say he is looking for someone young like me who doesn't party and then somehow things change because im not that party girl who sleeps around...

    • I've had a friend who said "i want a man who is financially stable, good family oriented foundation and grounded." She then found the guy and completely sabotaged the whole ordeal. He was very into her but why would she do this?

      She ended up getting back with her ex and they continued to have a on/off relationship, got married and now divorced.

      - What happened was she "wanted" those things but in order to get those things, she herself needed to change. With the "new guy" she spoke well, appeared to be stable herself and nice but that's not entirely her, she also smokes weed, cigs and drinks a lot.. Her ex allowed her to be "herself" rather than the image she projected with new guy.

      Why is this important? Well people sometimes say what they think they should want and aren't always aware of what naturally they're attracted to (good or bad). He may want to WANT a nice, young and non-partier but he may underneath it all want the opposite. So he might make excuses as to why he didn't pu

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  • If he became disinterested because you wouldn't sleep wit him on the first date then there is something majorly wrong. Then he was really just after sex...

    If I were you I would go on as usual and not change your behavior. If he still seems disinterested then call him out on it and ask what changed between your date and you saying you aren't ready to have sex yet.

    • Ok well i mean i dont want to have drama or anything and he was the one telling me im not ready... Not the other way around. I jist said i didn't want to on the first date. Honestly im just very confused right now... lol

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  • I don't so you could try talking to him. But he probably wasn't worth your time anyway... he probably just want to f.


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