Guys, If you found a girl really attractive, would you want her to know how she feels about you? Would you want to know if she misses you?

There's this guy I really like, but I think he thinks I'm out of his league. He told me that his ex-girlfriend is just as beautiful as me and that she was too good for him, so that's why I think he must think the same about me.

But I really like him. Lately he's been avoiding me and I don't know why. I meet other guys but no one has ever made me feel the way he makes me feel. I'm scared to tell him how I feel because every time I tell a guy how I feel I get rejected so what am I supposed to do?

Is it possible he just thinks I'm attractive but he doesn't like me? I feel so sad cus I miss him so much.


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  • You should, he's just not confident you're into him

    • but he must know I am.. I call him cutie all the time.. I think I do show how I feel.. but he's just distancing himself more

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    • I've met a lot of guys since I met him but I just don't like anyone.. and it makes me miss him more

    • You'll eventually find someone :-)

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