[GaGs] Is Being a LISTENER Good Enough?

In my experiences, i've dated a few older women. Of course some of them are able to talk a lot when they feel comfortable around you. My main question is, does being a good listener enough? It seems like i've less knowledges to offer so far (im a semi intro-extrovert, not to the point i have extreme social anxiety), im a guy who's being honest and straight forward with my intention. And, im working on my listening's part too.
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I need more women's opinions, especially those who are elder than me. Thanks!


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  • I'm an intro-extrovert too, but I LOVE to talk about everything and anything with my boyfriend. He's more of an introvert so he just listens but as long as he gives some sort of signal (a grunt, a "yeah", etc) to show he's actually listening then I'm happy.

    • Yeah, it's good to meet talkative girls. Problem only arises when dealing with shy, introvert girls that seem have less things to talk, rather than smiling.

      My main concern is, do older women see me out of league if im solely showing my listening ability rather than being that knowledgeable guy.

    • I think it mainly depends on the girl really, in my opinion as long as you talk a little bit, say to maybe even find an interest that she likes to talk about, it'll be fine. Or if you ask some questions and let her go on.

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