I dont know what I want?

I dont know what i want in life?

My mind keeps jumping from one to another, i keep doubting, i can't make a decision and im stuck. I want to move out to a new city, but with all the uncertainty of a new city, but when im in my hometown i feel like that sociall awkward girl again who used to have no confidence while im at a new city i feel this brave smart sassy young girl and just all of a sudden love life. I need to move out but im doubting wether i should stay in my hometown or go to unknown big city with no fam or friend around? Maybe i will like it better or maybe im being naive and i will feel lonely? im23


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  • Jump! Take the chance! Roll the dice!
    Life's short, you'll look back and regret passing up on these opportunities... If you stick around your home town and aren't quite happy, wondering if there's something better out there in the great big world, if there's some place you might like better, and eventually you get comfortable in your job or career in your home town, meet a guy from your home town, have kids in your home town, etc., it'll be so much harder to try starting fresh in a new city.
    Do it now while you're young and not tied down to anything, you can always move back if it isn't what you thought it would be...

    • yea but my brother scared me... he said why move far away from family? you dont know anyone over there...

    • You've been posting about this situation over the last couple weeks, correct? (If not you, then someone with your exact scenario)
      It seems like you know what you want to do, but are letting other people keep you from going after what you want.
      To address the points in your brothers objection:
      Why move far away from family? Because you're living YOUR life, you're following YOUR dreams. Just because you move away doesn't mean you aren't going to come back and visit them, or that they can't come out and visit you. Now more than any time before it's easy to stay in touch long distance... you'll see what they're up to on Facebook, you can video chat, talk on the phone, and keep an eye on Travelocity or Expedia to see when airfare is cheapest to fly back.
      You don't know anyone there yet, but isn't that part of the point? to move somewhere and get a fresh start? Meet new people, make new friends? Go with your heart, don't let others hold you back... They'll get over it soon enough.

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