We haven't talked in two weeks! Is there still hope? What should I do?

Ok... This is a lot to read but I'm desperate for advice!! So long story short, me and this girl have know each other since elementary school. We are both now 18. We have always been great friends. But senior year of highscool we started talking more. A lot more. On and off between dating and sill just great friends. She was never titled my "girlfriend" (even though I'd like her to be) I fell for her. I could never really get a vibe for how she felt about me. She'd always tell me, "You're so amazing, sweet, such a good brother to your sisters, bunch of other kind things. I know I'm not friend zoned. That's not the issue haha And she texted me first quite often. Sparked up new conversations which I think is a good sign. Recently she's moved off to college meeting new people and all that fun stuff. She's kept contact with me still by Calling or texting me. And we would meet up once every little while when we could to hang out and see eachother. She lives a little more than an hour away. She'd still ask me to come see her. Go to concerts or fun things. I'd do the same. Things were good. But She started getting a bit flakey. I know she's a genuinely busy girl. I basically put the ball in her court because of my failed attempts to set up a date saying I'm always here if you want to see me. She kept texting me she was sorry with crying emojis haha. I wasn't a jerk about it. Just blunt and not gonna waste my time waiting for her to leave her new life to make time for me... When honestly I think about her all the time... So it's been about two weeks we haven't gone this long without talking in 6 months. Should I just stick it out and wait to see if she's interested and will text me? Or should I just shoot her and text and start things up again? Any advice?
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  • You only ask her out TWO (2) separate consecutive times. Same with the times that she texts and calls you. When you or she does call or text each other, she doesn't give you a definite time she's free? Then you just simply take the offer away and leave the door open. Someday, if her attraction level towards you is still there, she will come back to you.


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