Should I be concerned that my boyfriend of over six months has never expressed his feelings to me?

He's never told me I'm pretty, that he likes me, that he enjoys spending time with me or anything.

He did tell me once that he was glad I came with him to a couples thing. I don't expect him to shower me with praise but one word goes a long way. His actions sometimes make me feel wanted but other times (most times) make me feel ignored and small. He keeps a part of his life from me. When he does give me affection in not so sure it is real.

Does this sound familiar to anyone, have you been through this?


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  • I find absolutely no pleasure in what I am about to say:
    This sounds like the kind of guy that likes having a girlfriend so that he can say he has a girlfriend. From what I have read thus far, I would not trust this guy any longer with your heart. This sounds to me like a situation that can get very, very bad with time.
    I would consider what you have stated here to be emotional neglect, which is in and of itself abuse. While it is possible that this is the only type of abuse that this guy will commit, statistics point to worse to come.
    Please get out of this situation, take some time to build yourself up, and then find someone that is strong in them-self and will help you become more strong than you already are. Healthy relationships are those where all involved build each other up. A good strong friendship is the best foundation of a good strong romantic relationship.
    When you decide to start a new relationship, look first to your closest and most supportive friends.

    • Thank you so SO much for your comment. I broke up with him two days after posting this and it sucked for a few days but mainly I feel great.

      I feel like I had Stockholm Syndrome he made me think everything was my fault. I honestly am so grateful to have men here on this site remind me that it's not okay.

      He was abusive and it's not okay. I reasoned it that he didn't know better because his Dad is the same way by that doesn't make it okay. If I gained 3 pounds or more I was in jeopardy of him breaking up with me which made me stress eat. Meanwhile he is considerably overweight and I have more money in savings than him (which shouldn't matter but to him your only worth as much as your financials).

      That sounds so vain and it is, sorry. My point is YAY no more of him and I'll meet someone that likes me for my quarks not in spite of them.

      Thanks you really did help me a lot. 😁

    • Exactly!
      And glad to hear that you feel that way.
      Keep a positive outlook and you will find the person that compliments your personality.

Most Helpful Girl

  • He doesn't love you. Don't waste your time with him.

    • Thanks for reminding me I guess I need to hear this over and over. He does things with his friends that I would love to do too but he either tells me right before or after.

      The only time he gave me good head was when his friend and his wife stayed with him hoping I would make noise.

    • My dear, I have been there too. I thought he loved me and was making excuses for him. Now I realized that when a woman starts making excuses for a man, it means she isn't getting the love and attention she needs, which means he doesn't really love her.

      So yeah, move on girl. Chances that you will find someone who really cares about you.


    • Well put I've been blaming myself thinking he just has more of a social life and I'm asking for too much. Even if I don't meet anyone else being single and feeling worthy of love is better than being with someone who keeps you hidden.

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  • Why did make him your boyfriend if he doesn't tell you the things you want and need to hear from a boyfriend?

  • Yeah unless he does really nice things to try and show it without saying it because he's afraid of putting pressure on you. If he doesn't do stuff to show it and he doesn't say it after this amount of time- he just wants the pussy.

    • Sorry to say, I agree with Annon... However, some men do have difficulty expressing feelings and or may not know how to be open due to not having ever had or witnessed a loving relationship growing up... But what I think you have to consider is your own value and self worth... It feels good to be in a relationship where you feel loved, admired, and appreciated.

    • Yeah I guess time to face the music. He invited me to a pub trivia game but none of his friends came (I was so hurt), he did get me flowers one time when I cooked. He came with me to hear Steven Weinberg, Nobel Prize Laureate known as the most influential living Physicist for his work on creating the current standard model in Particle Physics. But he likes that stuff too, he tried to ditch me after that the whole day.

      Gosh thinking out loud, stupid, he forgot my birthday. Thanks for the insight it sounds so much clearer on paper. I'm a dumbass.

    • lol no worries sometimes it's not clear in your head.

What Girls Said 4

  • Thats long time. 6 months and no expressed feelings?
    Is he a shy boy?
    how often do you two talk? like deep conversations about work or family or thoughts?
    Any sexual? if so how often?
    does he kiss? for hello/goodbye or in middle of dates?

  • It feel like i have but i am not sure. I would be concerned if you two match because he seem to not be the touch feel type and you need emotion. You either see therapy couple bc you like like him or you split with him.

  • From what you said, I don't think he teuely loves you. I wouldn't waste your time with him.

  • You deserve better girl


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