Am I naive for thinking i'll find anyone on a dating app?

anyone else that is on a dating app that experience that only 1 out of every 40-50 guy is "datable"?

They are either:

- just unattractive
- too old ( over 30) or too young (younger then 20)
- Not vertified
- Lives miles away
- only have on pic so there is no real chance in seeing what they look like
- only pic of the side of their face
- or just plane not interested in me?

Am i naive for thinking i'll ever fine anyone?


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  • No, you are not naive. But it is simply a numbers game, and most of the guys at that age are looking for certain things. Having a bunch of guys online that aren't really datable isn't any different than having a bunch of guys in a bar that aren't really datable. The fact that you are looking online at all means that there hasn't been anything that has worked offline either.

    If you find a guy that you think is attractive, online, the chances are high that a lot of other girls also think he is attractive. What becomes more important for actually finding someone to date long term is things like hobbies in common, things that you can do when you are not 'on a date'. And things that aren't just common in people everywhere. Saying "I like to have fun, and spend time outdoors, and travel..." is so meaningless, as 90% of profiles say that. Who cares. How does that make you different than the hundreds of other pretty faces that the person sees? And it is the same for guys.

    Online gives you different options, and solves a bunch of problems, but introduces some other ones. It's not a magic bullet, but it is not devoid of merit. Your chances at finding the magic man in that age bracket are super low online, but they are possibly even lower offline. That's not being naive.


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  • I found my current SO on instagram. Wasn't looking just struck up a conversation and bam, here we are, happy as can be almost 1 year together now.

    You can find people anyplace you look (or don't look). I know several people who have met their current SO through dating apps. Don't give up! You're "somebody" will come along! (:


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  • Eh, it can happen, but very unlikely. I met my last girlfriend on tinder, one of my favorite relationships, we only broke up because of us both moving 9 months later...

    I think girls especially get a sense of high standards from all the guys fawning all over them, I say people look better in person 9/10 times, so lower your standards a little bit and give them a chance in person at least, I did with this girl and I thought she was waaaay prettier in person then her profile said.

    • i guess i could try, im that kind of girl that find people way more attractive after i get to know them.. but at the same time i dont want to go out with someone if i only "kinda" find them attractive if you know what i mean

    • Well I can see your problem, you don't find people attractive until you get to know them, but you don't want to waste time on those you don't find attractive- see the issue? Like I said, I think if you just give more of these potential dates a chance, one or two nights can dramatically change how you see someone.

  • That's up to you. Women rate 80% of men as "below average" on dating sites, so really there is a lot of opportunity for you, but you probably won't be interested.

    Women are doing better than men these days in almost every imaginable metric of life. It's going to be hard to find a man that isn't a serf.

    • i have "liked" several guys that aren't 10 in looks.. i know i can't get them anyway so when they show up i press "X".. really attractive guys dont interest me because they make me feel super insecure lol.. so i go for guys in my league as i like to belive at least... Im also liking or not liking guys based on experience.. so im just trying to make sure there is a higher chance of finding a serious guy..

  • Lol what a coincidences that I have only one pic and with one side of the face. lol thanks for reminding.

  • U alrdy found meh right here so why the need to look any further ma anon babez? 🌹

  • Nope! I've found a lot! Few bad dates but if you don't just focus on hot people you'll find a lot of good people.


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