How annoying is the fade out?

I just had a guy fade on me after three dates (been two weeks and nothing) and I get it. But seriously... how annoying is it! He was my favourite out of the guys I'm accepting dates with.


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  • That might be your problem, he might have realized he was being compared and contrasted with other males in a box ticking exercise so he said you know what fuck this shit I'm out and I don't think she really deserves an explanation.

    • No I don't really talk about comparing people or other dates at all. We always had fun. I keep things pretty casual in the beginning. He said he doesn't know where his head is at.

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    • Thanks for MH! ahah

    • No problem :)

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  • did anything happen on your last date that you can remember that might have put him off?

    • We've been talking for a month and after getting more intimate he said he doesn't know where his head is at.

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    • Both ways. Our conversation got deeper and physically.

    • so after the first time hooking up he faded away?

  • You've answered your own question "he doesn't know where his head is at".

    • That wasn't my question. I didn't say why! I say isn't it annoying lol

    • Yes it's annoying but then did you expect anything else from him? You're seeing more guys so I would focus on them.

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