Do younger women like older men?

I am talking between 18-24 fucking a man between 25-45
  • Yes, I am a woman between 18-24 and I love dating older men
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  • NO
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  • Yes, I am a woman between 16 you prefers men between 20-24
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  • I strongly dislike older men when they think they're sexually acceptable to young women.


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  • I have met a LOT of women who are down with older guys. It helps, so I am told, that I look younger than I am but once they find out my age... they don't care.

    Who cares as long as there is some kind of connection and both are enjoying whatever it is they have together.


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  • i can understand why sometimes, girls want maturity and safety, i have a tendency to like girls the same age as me, but that tends to leave me with lots of rejections because they don't see me as mature enough, which i understand entirely, i need to grow up still.

  • yes they do.
    you can see so many questions asked online by girls about dating older men.
    especially on yahoo answers and G@G


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