He's still sending mixed signals?

We got coffee, the next day he said we couldn't be more than friends cause I'm not is religion. We kept hanging out as friends, but he kept flirting and taking me out. Then he came over one night, we watched tv and talked a bunch, eventually he started hugging me, by this point it was really late, like 2 am. At first it was kind of just his arm around my waist but eventually he was pretty much bear hugging, but he didn't push any further. So we laid around hugging and talking for like an hour, before he gets up really suddenly and says he's gotta leave. Then he sends me this message about how sorry he is and how he likes me but feels like he’s doing the wrong thing hugging me etc cause of his religion. Then he’s like, I need to close off to the possibility of dating you, but anything is possible, cause higher powers are in control.

What is wanting? Help.


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  • don't wante your time with him find someone whi gives clear signs


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