Girls, I think I'm coming on a little strong, but she's not rejecting me?

I tend to know exactly what I'm looking for and can tell pretty early if the girl is someone I can connect with.

I met a girl who was already leaving the country for 6 weeks to visit family. She knows I'm interested in seeing her when she gets back and that the more I talk to her the more I like her. She isn't shy about talking on the phone to me and we'll text back and forth for hours and she replies immediately. She's told me she likes talking to me and we've talked about what we're looking for and it's almost exactly the same. We have a lot of the same interests and we can talk about almost anything with each other.

I'm just wondering if it's pretty safe to assume she's probably almost as into me as I am her, since most girls usually push back with guys who have my personality.


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  • No it's not ok to assume that


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