Guys: I asked him to call me, not text and he didn't. What gives?

I met a guy online 7 weeks ago. He usually asks me out once a week (we hang out once a week) and texts me everyday. He never calls. Also, he has been very slow on the getting physical side. Just a few kisses and nothing more. On the 6th date, I got a really strange vibe from him when we were kissing. I thought it was because he was shy, but the next day, he seemed distant. A few days later (after more texting), I told him basically that if he wanted to talk to me he had to pick up the phone and call me. It's been silence since. I guess he really doesn't like me since I am assuming he would have called by now. Guys, what gives?


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  • It's hard to tell. If you were feeling a strange vibe, he was definitely feeling a strange vibe. That's just how it works in the mind. Seems like your pressuring his shyness but i get where your coming from so im on your side. But this is just a guy's opinion.

    • I told him that I think he's kind of shy and the next morning he told me that he was not. Regardless, if a girl said call me, and the guy was really into her, wouldn't he just call? 7 weeks of text messaging makes it seem like he doesn't want to get close to me

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    • Or maybe he's not well equipped in the men's dept and he is afraid kissing/making out will let to more physical things. Who knows. Why is this so complicated!

    • Seems like you have it under control. Good luck! Hope for the best!

  • If you want to talk on the phone why don't you just call him? Sounds like he initiates all the dates and all the conversations, Maybe you could try doing aomething for once?

    • I've called him already. He was initiating the dates and conversations and the day that I asked him to meet up, is the day he got weird!

    • Who knows then

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