Im extremely unhappy?

disorganized, my head is disorganized, im unhappy, sad, depressed and i ruined my life. I keep wasting time, im 23 and i ruined my chances at life. And im so scared of my life, i have no idea where i am going, what im doing, i live at hom in my hometown, i go to school to a dead end job and im struggeling with my life. I want independence but the constant struggle of not having money in a city i despise, im struggeling socially because i dont want to hang out with most of the people here, im stuck and depressed, give me at advice? and dont say move to another city because in my condition i dont think its that smart, im too sad and how will i find friends especially with no fam around.


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  • Step 1: Focus on the positives.
    You got a job, some people never had a job in their life.
    You have a roof over your head and food to eat today, you are doing much better than many people in the world.
    Step 2: Make a list of everything that is going right in your life.
    Loved ones
    Step 3: Do what makes you happy.
    Take a bath
    Do your hair
    Find a hobby
    Step 4: Get up an push yourself to do better


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  • Get a hobby, get out the door. Go to boardgame-events, take a class in a subject that you think would interest you (even if right now nothing sounds fun), go walking! (the act of walking itself is a powerful antidepressant), do charity work if you want to feel needed.
    Make sure you eat enough, dedicate 15 minutes to doing something you need to do but don't want to (cleaning up the house, doing paperwork).
    At 23 you still have a long way to go. J. K Rowling was in your situation, with a child, until she was 32. That's what the 20's are for, making mistakes before you need the stability of your 30's. Making mistakes at this age is healthy.

    • you dont get it, i feel like my past haunts me everyday, everytime i walk through my hometown i hate it, i feel depressed and not like living, i have been through something traumatic here and its coming back now at this age, im supposed to move out but i just dont feel like moving out because i dont have the motivation left.

    • I know you think that I don't get it, I have PTSD and am undergoing the same treatment I'm recommending for you, to process the inhuman pain. You have a right to be proud to still be alive, to have survived the flashbacks. It's normal to feel that no-body fully understands you, which is fair enough, because your situation is unique. Just know that you are not alone, you are not a freak, you are not insane.
      The flashbacks mean that your subconscious believe you are strong enough to face them and win the battle.
      Seriously, ask for help, go to a support group, there are some really good ones on FB, that are anonymous. There are 12-step groups out there (not all of them are for addicts). There are people out there who would LOVE to help you, myself included.

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  • Welcome to reality lol not everything is gonna ur way or be just perfect. Your first world problems doesn't seem bad to me tho, everyone goes through this phase once in their life. In the end its up to u to make the difference. I can type positive messages to make u feel better but what good does that do? its ur life... ur the one in charge if u dont like ur current no one is stopping u from changing it.

  • I have no idea how to help you or have advice. I can just say that it will get better and I'm here for you

  • yah... don't end up like me..

    i've wasted a lot more time than you.

  • So what do u want us to do, hypothetically?


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  • Get help. Therapy. Don't be afraid of taking meds if you have to. Change your direction, find something you're really passionate about. You're only 23, this is the perfect time for you to experiment with different options and finding out what you really want to do with your life. Fucking up a few times is normal. Your life is not ruined until you're on your death bed, thinking "I wasted my life worrying about pointless shit, not doing what I truly wanted to do".

  • What do you study?
    Do you like your major?
    Start from here


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