Would a man rejecting your advances for sex hurt your feelings?

A woman who I took on a date asked to come to my house to see something. I said yes and one thing led to another and she attempted to undress, but I said respectfully declined and said I should take her home. Now she doesn't text and she avoids me at the University everytime I see her. I know she really liked me and I didn't act rude when she tried to have sex with me. I think i got food poisoning from the restuarant we went to so I didn't want to have sex. Now my question is: If you made advances on a man or woman and they rebuffed your affection or advances would you be hurt and respond my not responding to texts or avoiding them in general?


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  • I'd be embarrassed that I made a fool of myself, but some honest conversation could make me feel ok to try again.


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  • Yes, absolutely. In your case, you turned her down without valid explanation. I would automatically assume you don't like me, or I am not attractive or sexy enough. Insulted, feel stupid and embarrassed. Yes, I would totally avoid you to avoid the awkwardness and feeling bad. I know being sick, or having cramps or whatever is also embarrassing at the time, but it happens. Totally understandable and no one gets their feelings hurt. The more time you let go without telling her why will lead to her never believing you and she will think you are just making that up to make her feel better.


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  • I think if they don't know why and its a really valid reason, you just need to let them know why and give them space to figure it out...
    I've done this lol...
    They really get offended if they don't know why.
    Last time was after a date she wanted to come home , and I was just completely not in the mood ( visited my dad's grave earlier that day, not the smartest planning in hindsight )
    And she has avoided me ever since.

  • Women are too weak to handle rejection. It crushes them. That's why they leave difficult things to men.

    So yeah, she's probably too crushed to talk to you again. Whatever, fuck her. Find another girl.

  • I've rejected the advances of quite a few, they generally don't like it any more than men. Except Scandinavian women, they just kind of shrug it off.

  • To bad you refused her, not to many opportunities like that and no matter how good your intentions were in not continuing she still feels stupid being rejected by a guy no matter how you told her


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