Girls, What can I do to attract women?

Girls, What can I do to attract women?

It's unfortunate that in our society, looks determines whether or not the opposite sex will show interest but that's life I suppose. I generate very little interest from women based on looks alone. It seems as though that I have undesirable features. Shallow as it may seem, based on the photo I've posted, what can I do to increase my chances in attracting women based on appearance alone?


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  • Shave, fix your eyebrows and maybe change your hairstyle (I can't tell from the picture).

    • Can you provide more detail in regards to my eyebrows?

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    • Oh and if you're 35 I think it's time to get rid of the snapbacks and that fashion style.

    • Noted. My style needs some work. Aside from that I am more focused on changing my physical appearance as I've been thinking about having surgery to shorten my long face

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