Trying to date... Keep attracting soldiers?

Where I live there are several barracks within a few miles of me.

I've got nothing against soldiers. My last boyfriend was one. I did however learn about the culture of liers and cheaters in the forces, my ex included (although he did a good job pretending he wasn't) They are not all like that for sure.

I am up for going on dates with people but there are so many soldiers around. I keep seeming to attract.
I am more embarrassed that I was with one before than I'm worried about cheaters. Not everyone is the same. Plus the chance of people knowing each other and saying oh yea I spoke to her too.

Do you think I should just go for it?

They are bloody everywhere round here!!!


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  • You could always avoid soldiers by only dating men with facial hair or long hair.

    I was a Marine, so understand the reluctance to date soldiers. However, while they aren't immune from the same dysfunctions as any other bunch of young men, generally as a population they are going to be on average more polite, disciplined and honest than non-soldiers.

    • Not all of them. Definitely when they need to be and to the public. But i have heard them talking and experienced first hand disrespect to women. Maybe marines are different. Different league of man in service. Great tip about the beards and hair!! Although don't like all that hair much!

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