What would you do if she's out of your league? Would you give her a chance even if you're now with someone who is "safe"?

My ex girlfriend was so out of my league but I dated her anyway because I loved her. She did a lot of fucked up things to me though that really hurt me and messed me up. I met another girl named Patricia a while back and I've told her all about my ex, and she thinks my ex is a bitch (it actually pissed me off that she called her a bitch though I thought that was uncalled for).

I'm kind of seeing another girl now and it's someone I know she won't hurt me. She loves me and her life revolves around me and I love it. instead of me chasing after her she's always after me.

But Patricia is pretty hot I'm so attracted to her and she's really attracted to me too and she seems fun and I'm not sure if I want to go through with this again. We haven't had sex although I want to really bad but she is holding back. She told me she's really hurt that I seem distant, she doesn't know I'm seeing someone else. There was so much spark and chemistry when we hung out. She's really smart and really beautiful and I can tell she really likes me a lot. She told me she's nothing like my ex and she's always the one who ends up hurt because she's too loyal. I don't know if she's making shit up but at the same time it's been a year and her feelings seem consistent. But a few days ago she got really fed up and sent me a bitchy text and told me she's done with me and she's tired of me dragging shit on. I told her I don't have time for this and she got even more mad and now we haven't spoken in 2 days.

I don't knwo if I want to bother. This has happened before where she gets annoyed that I won't make a move and then I'll say something to calm her down and it'll keep her calm for a while until the same thing comes up again.


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  • Cliche but you have to do what your heart tells you to. Think about their personalities not what they look like and make your decision. Its not right to lead either of them on and at the moment dont think about sex or getting hurt just think about you and that person and how they make you feel.

    • well it's also not that easy. the one I want to be with (I think it's obvious who.. Patricia) it'd be harder to be with her. She lives a 4 hour drive away from me. How often will I actually see her? The girl I'm seeing now lives down the street from me, she's over everyday, we practically live together now.

    • Then be with Patricia if you really want to be with her and she does wants to be with you to then both of y'all can make a 100% effort to be with each other

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