Guys, How To Text/Call And Tell A Man I've Been Fantasizing About Him?

Hey there, guys!

So, this man whom I've been seeing is on the road for work, until January. We only just started seeing each other, so we were still in that completely hot for eachother stage, before he left.

Now, I can't stop imagining him in this very sexual way. And, I don't know how to tell him. I just miss touching him, being with him and talking to him in this way. I'm afraid he won't want me as much when he gets back...

So, what do I do? Please help?


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  • Well I would just reach out to him and tell him that you're distracted you got so much going on and you can't focus will ask you what you can focus on and let him know it's him it'll come naturally just be confident see that sexy woman that you want to be in your mind

    • Thank you. This really helped. I actually love this answer. It's exactly what I needed to hear. Wish me luck... :)

    • Good luck I hope it works out for you! You sound really sweet and he's a lucky guy.. And if it doesn't work out come talk dirty to me! :-)

    • Well, he didn't answer yet. So, we'll see what happens when he does. If he does. I'm only waiting because I know he's in the sound booth. But, thanks. :P

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  • You should call or text him out of the blue, if he knows what to do. He will ask you out, and from there you can start initiating touches with him if you really crave for it.

    • We've actually been out three times. We connected and really got close. But, then, he left.

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    • u shuld respond by moving on. Date other guys

    • I asked him what he meant and he said he didn't tell me what I was thinking about. I would've figured that he would know, since that's the nature of our convos. Oi ve. Clueless boy...

  • You just do. Fear is something we make up in our minds, to avoid doing something

    • My only problem is that he works 16 hours days, and I don't want to bug him. Also, I'm freaked that it might sound like a clingy thing. But, I'm not in love with him or anything, I just miss him...

    • You say you aren't in love with him, yet you fantasize about him, lmao

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