Us guys are supposed to take girls to bars and clubs or anywhere there's drugs and alcohol amirite?

And guys who don't drink alcohol and don't do drugs are boring and dull cause you need drugs and alcohol to have fun and "enjoy the night" amirite?

And people who don't drink alcohol are immature amirite, real mean drink beer and soda is for kids right? And men are supposed to buy fancy alcoholic drink cause drinking alcohol is the "social norm".

Not drinking alcohol is very bad right, drinking alcohol and doing drugs makes you cool and popular amirite?

And the ideal date is going to a bar, getting drunk then snorting drugs in a club and then waking up in a strangers house and not knowing what you did the previous night amirite?

And sober people deserve to be bullied and made fun of right, they're losers and they don't know how to have fun amirite?


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  • learn to spell it's spelled am I right, some people were brought up with values, and not to make bad decisions that could get them landed in jail. to each their own.


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  • No I'm usually doing mini golf or a movie with a girl


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  • I disagree with everything you have said.

    • The entire thing was sarcastic and was meant to mock the shit people say to justify alcohol use or to persuade people to drink.

    • I wasn't sure if it was sarcasm or you just being naive.

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