Should I next her or just wait for a response?

So I mayched with this girl on tinddr and we talked for a couple of hours and hit it off pretty well, in between our conversation I rabdomly asked her if she has watched a certain movie and she said no and asked me why I responded by saying "we should totally go catch it together" and she said "I don't mind haha" I followed up by asking if she has any plans for the week and she said "i'll most probably be free this week why? "
And I followed up with "let's hang out Wednesday or Friday which is better for you?" and she told me she is not free on both days and explained she has classes and plans with friends without suggesting a counteroffer. I few minutes later I suggested Sunday but she said she's not sure yet and she'll let me know. I laughed It off and we wished each other goodnight.
So what should I do?
And if I don't hear from her should I message one last time or just next her?
Well before I asked her out (when we were talking about the movie) she asked me have I watch abother movie and I got curious and asked her why and she said "kinda wanna watch that too"
And I told her I already agreed to watch with my friends


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  • She might just be hesitant. These things happen. You could play it cool and say something like, "I look forward to getting to you better, and would like to take you out on a date sometime whenever you're available."

    Ex nay on the movie, unless of course you watch a movie and then have a dinner date afterward. You can't get to know someone in a movie theater, but if you do movie + dinner, then you'll have things to talk about.

    However, I suggest a more low key meet, like coffee. Something that allows both if you to test the waters first.

    Use dinner and a movie fir the second or third date.


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  • Just wait for awhile for her.. gosh man hope she isn't trying to play hard to get, that shit is so annoying.

    after awhile (like a week), you could text her again and see what happens


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  • Girls like tp go slow. Take it from me where boys want things what we can't give them now!
    Keep talking to her on tinder but don't be pushy just slow and easy.

    • Well sex is not a priority for me now. But did I come off too strong? And also what if she doesn't get back to me?

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    • Hypothetically speaking, if she doesn't "let me know" by Sunday what should I do?

    • Go have fun and find another that should give her a wake up call.
      I am positive she will though. She also maybe shy too

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