Stood up and insulted, why?

I arranged to meet a guy from an online dating site... He didn't show up, instead he sent a text saying, "I got there early, saw you and your not for me, you look way older than you said".
We're supposedly the same age. I actually look young for my age so it seemed a harsh statement coming from a stranger I'd never met. I replied that I didn't belive he had turned up at all but he was able to tell my make of car so I guess he did. His last text said I looked like an old granny! It was dark, I didn't get out of my car and I didn't see anyone who looked like his picture...
My question is why would someone be so deliberately hurtful rather than just say he couldn't make it or just stand me up without ever messaging again.
It felt like he showed up just so he could get a kick from using the car make to make the humiliation more personal. I'm a little hurt by the comment but mostly I'm disturbed by his behaviour. He must have been hiding so he could see me but I couldn't see him...
Question maybe best suited to the more mature members to answer.


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  • I think he was just an intimidated fake coward who just didn't have the guts to pull through with it. So he resulted in such behavior to avoid your asking questions of him and instead blame yourself. Him, and this episode, are not worth thinking about

    • Thank you for taking the time to properly understand the question...

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  • He shoulds like a real piece of work. I'm sorry you had to go through this. You deserve better. Don't let this asshole bring you down.

    • Thanks. Just weird to experience such deliberate callousness...

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  • Because you're not a good fuck.

  • Most guys like younger.

    • Yeah, probably was hoping for a younger person.

    • He said he was looking to date aged between 42 and 48... So don't think that was it. Thanks

    • It's that, just because he's on a dating site doesn't mean he can't have preferences.

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