What do you think of this woman's style? Like a female gangster from Pulp Fiction? Would you talk to her/date her?

I asked about this woman in another question, but about what smoking looks like - she looked so cool and I hoped to look a little like her - so here goes:

She was slim, tall, had what I think was natural dark red hair done in a 1940s retro "victory rolls" hairstyle, was wearing classic make up (red lipstick and mascara), a black 1940s skirt suit, black heels, black raybans and was carrying a leather suitcase with that lock thing on it - and she was smoking a cigarette as she walked past.

She was confident, walking with her head held high.

She looked almost like a woman you wouldn't fuck with or a female gangster who has earned a lot of money - again, sorry for the similes, but like something out of the movie Pulp Fiction :P

What do you guys think of a style like this? What would you think if you saw a younger woman like this?


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