Girl gets very Distant when things get rough for her. Completely cuts off contact for a few weeks, before coming back?

I honestly don't get this girl. When things get tough she shuts down, acts completely distant and gives me the cold shoulder. She did it to me after months of talking, she started blowing me off not answering. She found out some bad news about a family member and started working more. So she quit talking to me all together, when I asked what was up she told me she likes me a lot, but just wants to be friends and that I don't want to know what is going on in her head. So I figured it was over and moved on.

A few weeks later she messaged me again, asking how I was. She told me she had her up and downs the past few weeks. That day I told her what I was up to, which was I treated myself to a movie and dinner. She asked why I didn't ask her to go all flirty like. Well we talked a few weeks like normal. Well a day before she got all distant again, she was blowing up my phone. She saw I was out with friends, so she said she was sorry for bugging me when I was out. I told her not to worry about it you can text anytime. She says sorry a lot to me, she thinks she is bugging me a lot. doesn't text me sometimes cause of it. I don't know why she does that.

Well last week is has somewhat been ignoring me, she did tell me she was having a bad week because a few people quit at work so she had to pick up more shifts. She was working 3 14 hours shift in a row. I could tell she was stressed and unhappy when we were texting. The next day I sent two messages on facebook a supportive one in the morning tell her not to let work get the best of her (which she saw) and another at night hoping her day wasn't to bad. (which she clearly ignored, cause she been off and on facebook a lot). She still hasn't responded, it been close to a week. She has liked something I shared on facebook during this time, but didn't reply. I know she told me she has issues. Could she be afraid to get close? Is there another guy?

What do you think? What do you think I should do?
Should I text her, to show I am still here? Go no contact like last time? Should I call her out on it? Saying I have the feeling you don't want to talk. Saying I know I'm still just some random guy you aren't interested in


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  • This girl's having so many issues and I'm pretty sure you wouldn't prefer to date an emotionally unstable girl.
    She already has enough baggage.
    If I were you, I'd cut off the ties since in the end, your self confidence and dignity will be at stake.

  • brhu brhu this is a huge red flag. proceed with caution and you may have to cut her off.

    this is one of the most toxic ways to deal with issues.

  • Cut her off and move on


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